How to Dress Like a Local When You Travel

Clothing styles vary from country to country and it can be rather daunting to decide on what to wear. When you blend in with the locals, you’re less likely to be swindled as the shopkeepers will treat you like you’re one of their own.

 The best way to make sure that you’re dressed appropriately—and avoid committing fashion faux pas—is by simply dressing like the locals! Here is a compilation of wardrobe suggestions for 8 different travel destinations, from sunny Barcelona to wintery Russia!

1. Japan in Spring time

The goal here is to strike a balance between being conservative and dressing stylishly. The rules are simple: opt for stylish but also sensible shoes, don’t show cleavage, have an adventurous piece or two (think Harajuku!), dress for the weather and bring a special dress for a night out. If you’re not into the Harajuku fashion, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you avoid wearing frumpy and tattered-looking clothes.

A raincoat and umbrella would be also be helpful to carry around when in Japan.

2. Thailand is sunny 24/7

Since you’re traveling to a country where it’s summer all year long—and okay, some rainy days, it is crucial to pack lightweight clothes like linen shirts, denim shorts and long trousers for those temple visits. Stuff your suitcase with swimsuits for when you travel to beaches/waterfalls. Also pack a lightweight cardigan or kimono, fitness clothes for nature explorations and a handy-dandy multifunctional scarf.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and insect repellent, too!

3. Visiting the city of love, Paris

The people in Paris are very trendy but if you’re going to travel from museum to museum, chances are you’re going to have to wear comfortable clothes. The best option is to bring colors that match and pieces that are versatile. Top your look off with a swipe of red lipstick—a shade that’s universally flattering—and you’re good to go.

A leather jacket and a messenger bag are every Parisian’s must-haves!

4. Sunny Barcelona in the summer

It’s always bright and sunny in Spain, so if you’re travelling to Barcelona, your suitcase should scream beach-ready! Mix and match vibrant colors and prints to fit in with the locals here. The more colorful, the better! It also helps if you researched on the latest trends of fashion in Spain and pack accordingly.

This year’s trend is strappy footwear!

5. When in Rome

Do as the Romans do! Italy is considerably humid and warm during the summer. It’s best to pack clothes that match the heat like light-colored t shirts or tank tops, a kimono/cardigan or a long sleeve shirt in case it gets colder than expected, denim shorts, jeans/leggings, comfortable shoes and a nice dress. Also be sure to pack a pair of jeans as they’re versatile and always in style in Italy.

Italians consider black to be an elegant color, so take cue and squeeze in one or two black clothing items into your suitcase!

6. A trip to Dubai

There are is a strict dress code for visitors of Dubai. To enter the Dubai mall, ladies must cover their shoulders and knees. So, pack heat-friendly modest pieces like a floor length robe/dress—which is ideal when visiting historic places and mosques—along with long trousers, a lightweight cardigan, maxi skirts and short sleeve blouses. Despite the strict dress code, swimsuits are allowed at the beach and swimming pools, so don’t forget to bring yours!

Other than that, a hat, sunglasses and a scarf will help you survive the dessert and sun.

7. Enjoying the Russian autumn

One must be particularly cautious of the fact that Russians do not like to dress in bright and flamboyant colors as they dislike standing out. To fit in with the locals, opt for dark colors like black, gray and maroon. If you’re visiting sites like St. Petersburg and Moscow, you’ll see fashionable ladies looking like they’re dressed to impress! So, be sure to bring a nice dress if you’re going out for dinner.

For maximum coziness, don on a fur coat, which is a Russian staple!

8. Winter in China

When packing for China, tourists are advised to bring something that can last them through the cold weather like wool sweaters, a coat, a scarf and gloves. However, also pack a nice dress with heels or an elegant outfit for a nice dinner out at a hotel or a lovely restaurant.

Carrying a trendy backpack is also great if you’re going on long tours all day long!

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